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Unlikely and not credible

Martin Freeman, on the set of Fargo


When he’s running, he’s not necessarily hiding. So it might be strangely flashy. [x]

 #i love how much they all so obviously enjoy each other (via bonearenaofmyskull)

I think this is the first time they’ve all been back together since S2; it definitely has that “we got the band back together” feel to it. 

I know we’ve seen the picture of them enjoying a beer before the panel, and seen jokes about how buzzed they might be, but I really feel what we were seeing was just that amped joy of being together again.

So yes, they clearly enjoy each other, and it’s wonderful.


the hannibal cast being adorable in the gif-interview. 


Paleyfest OTP (◕‿◕✿)


Bryan Fuller describes the famously gifed ladder scene to Hugh Dancy.


Sorry I found more derp faces on my camera. Now, with more Hugh.


Mads seems to be on fire, doesn’t he ?

Like a big old mess, that’s me!


I love these two dorks

omg I’m screaming inside


Thank you guys SO MUCH! We had a blast. More GIFs to come (we’re going to sprinkle them around your dash all week)

gif by jhnmclghln

penny dreadful + text posts

Giovanna. Hannibal, Breaking Bad, Sherlock, Castle, TBBT, Boardwalk Empire, Sweeney Todd, Christopher Nolan. Spreading love for Alan Rickman, my man, Nathan Fillion, Mads Mikkelsen, Andrew Scott, Michael Pitt and many other joyful people. I'm paranoid and sarcastic, aand I'm sooo changeble! Cheers.

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